Rock Solid Ministries

A ministry that provides spiritual guidance, mentoring and other resources to young people.

Rock Solid Ministries

Rock Solid Ministries is a youth-focused ministry that aims to empower young people to live their lives with purpose and meaning. We believe that young people have the potential to change the world and we want to help them reach their full potential. Our team of dedicated leaders is available to provide guidance, support, and a safe and welcoming environment for young people to grow and thrive.

We offer a variety of programs and events that are designed specifically for young people, including worship services, Bible studies, service projects, and more. Whether you're looking for a place to connect with others, deepen your faith, or simply have some fun, Rock Solid Ministries has something for you.

So why wait? Join Rock Solid Ministries today and be a part of something amazing! Together, we can make a difference and help young people reach their full potential.



Kristin Christman

P.O. Box 185, Fulton, MS 38843

(865) 335-9991


Tom Weaver and Greg Strickland

P.O Box 490, Corinth, MS 38835